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Beggar Books



Beggar Books brings originality, creativity, and inspiration to your doorstep. 

Seeking talented individuals with the desire to inspire others, and promote happiness to all those in need. Your purchase helps provide financial support to the Ronald McDonald House, in Macon, Georgia. 

Often in life we fall down. Sometimes we need support from family, friends, and occasional strangers. We beg for acceptance, love, hope, peace, balance,  and inspiration. We live for today, and pray for tomorrow. In life we are all beggars of some sort. 

Pay it Forward

I believe in giving back. Find something you believe in, create something beautiful, share your passion, inspire others, and when you find what you’re looking for, always be sure to lend a helping hand.

We support,"The Little Guys"


I want to set a new business standard. Let's help as many, "Little Guys," as possible. I want the family run, local businesses that are interested in quality products, supplied here, in the USA, by artists' looking for a home. I created, The Sea of Souls, a photography book, dedicated to life, loss, and finding a safe haven, to all searching for something past the horizon.  

I offer wholesale prices to local businesses, who want to carry, "works of art,"  in their shops. You help supply a home for art; I help find the art, at a discounted price. Don't forget in return, I also donate to charities. Inspire a brighter tomorrow.


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Beggar Books

Georgia, United States