Safa Margaret Gloria Slaton


   I was born and raised in Southwest, Georgia. This has been and will always be my home. I love wandering about, exploring new lands and distant seas. I've learned tough life lessons. I've fallen, gotten up and reinvented myself more times, than I could possible count. Each time growing stronger and more eager to help contribute, to a greater cause.

  I want core values to be instilled in the minds of our children and society, as a whole. We've forgotten how to live and be thankful for life. I too, forgot the simplicity of breathing. I now, have everlasting memories of loved ones, who remain with me in spirt, but who have departed, in physical form. I created this book, to keep them alive with words, so that they can be remembered, in time forever. 

   My passion is life! My creations come from deep parts of my soul, reaching out to grab shape and take form. I believe we all have the ability to create. The limitations are endless. 

I love you, Cohen

I love you, Dad

I promise you both, I won't always be sad



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